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What Is Gold Prospecting?

Gold prospecting is the process of searching for gold in different locations thought to contain gold based on geological factors in the hopes of striking it rich or discovering large nuggets, pickers, and dense placer gold. Prospectors frequently use a gold pan and a hand shovel.

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June 7, 2021
How to Pan for Gold

By following this systematic guide on how to pan for gold, you will be bringing home your very first panned gold. Before learning how to gold pan, read through my other guides if you're a complete beginner to gold panning: What Is Gold Panning Gold Panning Supplies How to Find Gold This guide will solely […]

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May 4, 2021
What Is the Gold Melting Point?

The gold melting point is 1,064°C degrees Celsius (1,948°F degrees Fahrenheit). The numbers provided are for the pure gold melting point (24 karat = 100% gold). However, if you use gold that is in an alloy (a combination of two or more metals together) the melting point can change. For example, combining gold, silver, copper, […]

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April 23, 2021
How to Find Gold

This guide will train your brain to recognize gold indicators, gold ore, and gold bearing land so when you are out on a hike or traveling you instantly recognize the possibility for gold. Many new prospectors would go to their nearest river or stream, do some panning, and return home empty-handed, assuming there was no […]

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